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User Guide


Search for partners

Visiting the home page you have access on the search facility where you can search for Organizations, Profiles of the researchers, project calls, and Blog Posts that contain the term entered in the search field. The results will be displayed in tabs. Under tab all you will find aggregated all results, and in the other specific tabs you may find project, profiles or organizations that have in their content the term you entered. On click you should be directed to the full content.


Register your organization

Before opening your profile as a researcher you may do a search to be sure that your organization is created in our database, to do so just run a quick search. If the organization is registered than please skip this session and move to the next one.

 In case that your organization is not jet registered you have the possibility to register it. The registration process is simple and information can be enriched in later moments by PR experts or IRO (International Relation Offices).

  • In order to add an organization you must go to Login
  • After login in with creating an account or signup using your google account (attention universities that use google apps for education are also eligible link their account seamless as gmail users).
  • Once you have the confirmation you should receive an email that confirm your registration
  • Once Logged-in under the profile button you have 2 choices Organization and My Account, choose the first one Organization and enter all obligatory fields and as much information you can regarding your organization.

Your organization can be an University, Institute, Research center, Company with an R&D or R&I department or group, or you can create a group of researchers interested and working in a specific research area, give a name, your position, time period,  some description.

We do consider as very important the linkage of the individual researchers with institutions, in one of the scenarios above, large consortiums have a greater interest for larger research efforts rather talented or outstanding researchers.

Once you have completed this step go and complete your profile.

Some screenshots for the organization profile:

Choose one of the activities of interest of your organization, if you are missing other areas of activity, please notify me through an email: []  and they will be added.

Last step is who is administrating the organization page, the first that creates it is admin, but other admins can be added or removes as you need.

Note! The persons you add must be registered in COORP.AL, please refer to the page below to add new administrators.


Register your profile

Your profile has just few personal data, you can edit them at anytime. after Login you access your profile by visiting the link: 

Once on your profile you can link the organization with your profile by clicking the + button up right, as in the figure below:

You can create an organization as seen in the next figure below:

The profile contain only the minimum of your personal data, link yourself with an organization you’re working with and finally add projects and expertise using a series of tags. Differently from other networks like LinkedIn or other similar portals, we do not ask to upload a full CV or many information, you have the possibility to create links with the main academic and publication web sites where you may are present with your papers or projects is enough:

  • Google Scholar
  • Research Gate
  • Skype
  • Facebook and other relevant social networks you may use
  • Other contacts

Once you complete all available links they will appear next to your profile picture with a series of clickable icons.

 The main fields of interest that should not miss in your profile are expertise, projects use these tow sessions to complete your profile:

Add a new project where you can manage to have other registered collaborators in the system.


Comma separated values that make your profile stronger on search by potential partners.


Select what information you like to receive by email

In this facility according the tags included in your profile you also filter calls at your interest, and you can choose to receive daily mails, weekly or monthly as you would like to better digest and create junks of mails in you post account.


For any issue or problems with the portal please fill free to contact me by email at:



Have a nice registration.



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