Jan 2016 (28m)
Project Manager

Management of Research and Development projects and funds. 


Feb 2012 (76m)
Innovation Expert

Inovation Expert, Lecturer, Programmer, Project Manager

Jan 2004 (174m)
IT Expert

UNDP Albania consultant various postion, related to ICT and Innovation in ICT. 


Apr 2016 (17m)

The overall aim is to assist in networking and integration of the Albanian academic community into the international community of researchers, and to respond efficiently to Calls for research funding. COORP has two dimensions, namely the capacity development or offline dimension; and the set of the platform or the online dimension.

team members

Dec 2014 (4m)

"The "Calculate Pension" program is a web application developed by CIT Students Ibrahim Cekirri, Elena Cibuku and supported by CIT Lecturer Mr. Fabjan Lashi.The program is very user friendly and the new schema of 2015 for the pensions is applied. 
All the indexes and coefficients (inflation coefficients, wages coefficients etc.) are provided by ISSH (Instituti i Sigurimeve Shoqerore).The software is promoted and fully supported by the ministry of Social Welfare and Youth and is now operational serving the Albanian government for calculating pensions! 

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  • ict
  • fet
  • h2020
  • traceability
  • food safety
  • customer preference
  • willingness to pay
  • project development
  • software development
  • project writing
  • Big data
  • project management