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Jan 2014 (49m)
EU integration/communication expert

Shehiada Piraniqi, has an extensive professional experience in the field of communication activities supporting the implementation of the institutional reforms and European Integration Process in Albania. Her 2 year expertise as a key expert in the project “EU Information Network in Albania” and previous 4 years experience in the communication and information project “Management of the EU Info Centres in Shkodra and Vlora” is a great contribution to increase the level of information and public awareness about the European Union in Northern Albania, as well as about the accession process, in the frame of IPA projects. She was in charge for the implementation of the day-to-day activities and provision of detailed information on EU-related issues and events to various target groups; moderating at events; answering questions; maintaining the EU Information Network database and creating synergies with several EU local coordinators representing “Municipalities for Europe” project.

The valuable experience with events aimed at increasing visibility about EU financial aid to Albania for boosting country’s economic growth and EU accession process. Ms Piraniqi contributed on raising awareness on EU topics, promoting EU assistance and reforms supported by it, as well as rising joint initiatives with other donors and international organisations, that gave a high profile and a wide network to EUIC Shkodra and EUIN Albania.

She also has various experiences with drafting information materials on the EU according to EUDA guidelines, specific needs of the target groups and EU visibility standards; a strong knowledge of EU institutions and policies; and Albania-EU Integration process, Terminology and Visibility guidelines.

Her high flexibility to coordinate and implement activities in several cities, towns and villages in Albania raised general public, media, local institutions, CSOs, academia, youth, students, vulnerable groups and business community interest on EU issues and assistance. She assisted various projects funded by USAID, NDI, OSCE and EU to raise awareness on environment protection, gender equality and social inclusion.


Jan 2016 (24m)

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Jan 2014 (24m)

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  • Intercultural communication
  • project management
  • communication
  • Lecture
  • EU integration (ALbania
  • Indirect management of EU Funds
  • EU Law
  • Eu terminology
  • Administrative and Financial Management of EU Info center