Bachelor in Mathematics For Finance and Insurance
Quantitative Fiance and Insurance


Sep 2022 (19m)
Quantitative Fiance and Insurance

Currently following one of the best Msc in Italy in actuarial and financial studies.

Mar 2022 (6m)

My 6 month experience at Iveco,  an international company in the automotive industry, made me use advance statistical and probabilistic mathematical models to forecast future technical costs and then, with the cooperation of the manager supervisior and the pricing manager, creating the right pricing strategy based on those analysis of those forcasted costs and with the informations received by other internal teams of the company (marketing and so on).


Jan 2018 (12m)

The laboratory created mixed group of students, with different backgrounds, and made us work on a start up idea by following the main steps to implement it: creating a bussiness plan, gathering datas from the real market, reassising those datas and presenting in front of the researchers and investors, on a weekly basis, these reasising procedures.

team members


  • Leadership
  • Programming
  • Big data
  • Finance
  • Statistics
  • communication