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Sep 2016 (1m)

The purpose of this research study was to explore the nature of media programs in Albania and to find what audience feelings are engagement with it; how people experience an job news , how they feel and think about and react to it , it was a strong predictor of usage. The aim was to explore the factors that motivate viewers to prefer a more specialized television or programming for this subject. The study also has explored the importance of expected satisfaction and the satisfaction received when watching different kind of media. The research employed a mixed methodology, between qualitative and quantitative. The first use on this research was conducted with qualitative where are included on personal interviews. The second use on this research was conducted with quantitative methods which are surveys and questionnaires sended to be distrubuted individualy by email, by mobile calling , using a professional social network for job applicants. Each method is particularly suited for obtaining a specific type of data. Based on the results of the analysis, appropriate suggestions for improvement has been presented in the final project.

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Apr 2016 (1m)

The survey involved 283 companies, from the sector of education, healthcare, banking and finance, telecommunications, insurance, civil society organizations but also government institutions, Call Centers, companies dealing in consultancy etc. The biggest part of the respondents belong to the most important target group – the management or the IT sector which were relevant to complete the questionnaire.
The quantitative survey was conducted through questionnaire with closed questions type. The questionnaire was designed for companies from different size and sectors, revolved around the awareness and perceptions connected to cloud computing in Albania, and the possibility to answer was also allowed to the companies that don’t use it yet. We use 72 % Telephone(CATI) and 28% Face to Face (F2F ) Interview Questionnaire.

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Mar 2015 (3m)

This study has to determine the quality gap in educational services provided to the students and the quality gap in the satisfaction of the academic staff for the University. The study used a quantitative methodology, measuring instrument used was SERVQUA, which was based on the disconfirmation paradigm. The dimensions of Quality to be measured by this model were: Tangibles, Responsiveness, Reliability, Assurance and Empathy . The study took place in the academic year 2014-2015 in March. There were 55 questionnaires distributed hand to hand
from a total population of 300 sudents and 90 academicians. 52 questionnaires were returned and usable, yielding a response rate of 94%. Items were rated using a 7-point Likert scale,

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Oct 2015 (1m)

This study was conducted in October-November 2015 period. We conducting the suervey gathering data from the experience of marketing representatives and managers in decision-making responsibility for evaluation of marketing and advertising methods. The questionnaires assessed the 50 most important variables that are distributed in fairs helded during that period in Tirana, online survey, email marketing and direct interviews with entrepreneurs, marketing representatives of the major companies in Albania. It conducted a quantitative distribtion in 850 people taking a ‘feedback’ in response to the data in 600 of their form. This study request was from Media Buying Agency. The rersearch report gives a clear view of advertising experience and marketing campaings budget optimisation.

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