STARS: SupercompuTing And Related applications Fellows Programme

STARS programme aims at fostering the training of highly skilled post-doc in all fields of High Performance Computing and related applications.

  • Coordinator of the action: Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC).
  • Areas of research: HPC and related applications, specifically in Earth Science and Meteorology, in Life Sciences, Genomics and Personalised Medicine and in Computational Engineering and Physics and Computational Social Sciences.
  • Candidates: postdoctoral researchers.
  • Offer: 24-months incoming fellowships.
  • Salary range: Annual living and mobility allowances (35.000€ gross salary) + Annual Family allowance Researchers (1.500€ gross salary) + Annual budget for Travels and Research & Training activities (5.400€)

The programme will award 20 outstanding post-doctorate researchers of all nationalities with 24-month INCOMING fellowships, providing them with all necessary tools for developing their potentials, deepening their skills and knowledge in a stimulating, international and interdisciplinary environment, and offering them intersectorial short secondments (1-3 months) with private industry or non-academic research centres (such as Lenovo, CISCO, AstraZeneca, IBERDROLA, EU JRC, AEMET, IRB and CRG in order to boost their career perspectives as successful independent researchers. Short secondments periods under the premises of these partner institutions will take place within the STARS programme. Fellows will also be strongly encouraged to participate at least once a year in an international event in their domain of research.

STARS programme projects and groups available

Please find in the link below the BSC projects and groups available to welcome a postdoctoral position in the STARS programme.

 STARS Groups list

Training & Development

Career guidance, training and supervision of the STARS fellows will be provided through a combination of BSC’s Education and Training Unit, the Centre’s HR service and the scientific departments. The framework for STARS fellows will be structured in line with the well-established processes already in place in the Centre:

  1. A Personal Development Programme (PDP) including a system of annual objectives and an annual training plan will be supervised by the research group leader and an internal committee
    • A central plank of the training programme will be the BSC Diploma of Excellence in Research Skills including courses in scientific writing, project management tech transfer, outreach and soft skills.
    • Additionally, there will be a focus on development of HPC skills and knowledge through PRACE Advanced Training Centre (PATC) courses
  2. This may be complemented by a secondment towards the middle of each fellow’s stay at BSC, when they will have the opportunity to spend from 1-3 months at a partnering organisation, most of which are industrial.
  3. Each fellow will also be assigned a mentor to facilitate their integration into BSC who will encourage contact with other STARS fellows through meetings and social activities.
  4. The Severo Ochoa research seminars open to researchers from both inside and outside BSC and the annual Doctoral Symposium will also provide opportunities for the fellows to present the results of their research and exchange ideas.

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