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Research Networking Day Faculty of Economy, University "Luigj Gurakuqi", Shkodra

In the framework of COORP’s intention to strengthen its links to the universities and research centres at the regional level, COORP Team organised a Networking Day at the Faculty of Economy, University Luigj Gurakuqi in Shkodra on 22nd November 2017.


The Networking Day was organised to facilitate the cooperation between institutions around COORP and the establishment of research groups and their capacities to apply for various funding.

Dr Fabjan Lashi and Dr Blerjana Bino, co-founders of COORP, introduced the platform and the network as well as the opportunities offered for researchers in Albania and particularly in Shkodra. In addition, Blerina Fani, Programme Officer, introduced PERFORM and the ways in which researchers could work together and with local government and approach PERFORM to propose interventions. The discussions in the sessions and the follow up informal meetings helped to identify researchers that were highly motivated, skilled and proactive and interested to join COORP. This helps COORP to widen and strengthen the research core group. Finally, the need to work towards an enabling environment of cooperation by bringing together researchers from different fields and regions was emphasised.


COORP goes to Shkodra


First Networking Day at Faculty of Economy and Tourism – University “Luigj Gurakuqi” Shkodër on 22nd November 2017 at 11:00 – 13:00


Local host: Prof. Dr. Blerta Dragusha – Dean of Faculty of Economy and Tourism

Participants: 12 researchers and lecturers

COORP: Fabjan Lashi and Blerjana Bino

PERFORM: Blerina Fani


  • COORP Presentation as the online platform and its opportunities, how to register, how to find calls, how to create research groups
  • COORP Success Stories: Workshop for Project Development; Research Methodology Workshop; Pilot Project ERC;
  • Plans: Diaspora links, SSR and private sector links, SMEs piloting, project applications
  • PERFORM Presentation
  • Open discussions
  • Wrap up and conclusions

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