Master of Science


Oct 2017 (6m)

Lecturer at Faculty of Engineering, Software Engineering Department. 

Subjects covered: Database Systems

Sep 2015 (32m)
Part time Lecturer

Lecturer at Faculty of Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences Department. 

Subjects covered: Logical systems, Java programming, OOP under C , Internet Systems, Computer Sciences basics.

Feb 2015 (7m)

Lecturer on subjects Web programming and Animation principles. Faculty of Information Technology, Computer Sciences department.

Dec 2011 (77m)
Project manager and Data Analyst

Responsible for planning and developing market,social and political research projects that include database administration and web programming.

Analyze gathered data and generate useful models, cross-tabs and other relations that helps each of the companies, political parties etc, make decisions.

May 2011 (8m)

Supervisor of 2011 Censis in Fier District. Responsible for controlling, reporting and analyzing gathered data from population registration.


  • Database
  • Data analyzer
  • Data collection
  • project development
  • project management
  • Programming