CEI Cooperation Fund: Call for Proposals 2018 launched


  • Background and Primary Objectives
    The CEI Cooperation Fund co-finances CEI Cooperation Activities aimed at strengthening cooperation among CEI Member States. CEI Cooperation Activities are organised by institutions of CEI Member States in order to implement the strategic goals and main objectives set by the CEI Guidelines and Rules of Procedure and by the CEI Plan of Action. CEI Cooperation Activities aim at capacity building by knowledge transfer and sharing, in particular from EU CEI Member States to non-EU CEI Member States, and at exchanging experiences and good practice among all CEI Member States by favouring mobility and networking. In this context, particular attention will be paid to the involvement of non-EU CEI Member States and to a reasonable balance between participating EU and non-EU CEI Member States.
  • Size of Potential CEI Contribution
    Applicants can request a CEI contribution up to the maximum amount of fifteen thousand Euro (15.000 EUR). Any Application requesting more than the above-mentioned ceiling will be automatically rejected. The CEI contribution cannot exceed 50% of the total cost of a given Cooperation Activity. Applications, which are not meeting this condition, will be automatically rejected. The balance must be financed from the Applicants’ own resources or from other sources, including in-kind contributions (not exceeding 25% of the total budget of the activity). The CEI reserves the right not to award the entire requested contribution to a given Cooperation Activity.


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