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21st -23rd November 2016

“Developing the competences of a critical mass of researchers and project managers in Albania to be successful in obtaining EU funding for research projects: Tricks of the trade by Prof. Steve Quarrie”. COORP, with the support of PERFORM, provided a three-day workshop on research project development and EU funds to 25 researchers and project managers from various universities, think tanks and public institutions in Albania. The workshop is in line with the overall aim of COORP and comes just after the Collaborative Online Research Platform was launched earlier in November. The platform (COORP sign up) offers networking opportunity for project development, information on new calls, partner search and collaborative research groups. It is currently focused on Albanian researchers and project managers, but it will soon expand to South-East Europe and academic diaspora.

The workshop was organized between 21st and 23rd November 2016 at the premises of CIRD, at the Canadian Institute of Technology in cooperation with the UET Centre of the European University of Tirana. The workshop sought to foster the competences of researchers and project managers in Albania on research project development. This was achieved through the provision of tailor-made training on: (i) an overview of the landscape of EU research funding; (ii) principles of project proposal development; (iii) establishment of successful professional networks.


Prof. Steve Quarrie was invited to deliver the workshop. He has an extensive experience in research project proposals. Originally from the United Kingdom, he is currently based in Belgrade, Serbia and thus has good knowledge of the research and higher education landscapes in Western Balkans. COORP team members also facilitated the workshop: Fabjan Lashi and Blerjana Bino. The workshop was participatory and enabled participants to practice skills, use tools and techniques and develop project competencies during the workshop, which they will be able to apply in their work on project development. Ms. Orkidea Xhaferaj from PERFORM was present during the workshop to introduce more PEROFRM to the participants.

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